What to do?

My oldest daughter K is in 7th grade advanced math. She was forced to switch schools due to a cross-country move in January. When she started the new school we realized their was a gap in the curriculum and she hadn’t learned some of the things they were doing here. We talked to her teacher and she assured us that she would help K get caught and it would be no big deal. Well it is a big deal. I keep calling the school and pushing the teacher to help and she says she is but either she isn’t doing enough or my daughter isn’t understanding (which I doubt to be the case). I may be forced to have her take regular math next year now because of this. I really wish I couldhelp her but it’s algebra and just am not remembering how to do it and when I do explaining it for me is very hard. She would be devastated if she couldn’t be in advanced math next year because school and her grades mean everything to her (and of course, who wants to discourage this). I am looking into tutoring but it’s expensive and I just can’t afford the prices I am seeing right now. Man this is really weighing on me.

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Dogs will be dogs!

I have been trying to give my boys more freedom lately. They are 8.5 but I feel I have to keep a tight leash on them because they are very curios and get into trouble easily. Well lately I have been letting them play up and down the street(we have a very small and rarely driven on road) and ride bikes with friends. One day the neighbor came over and said one of the boys rode through his yard and left marks all over so I told them they had to stay out of yards unless invited.. Well the very next day after that discussion S went over to see if a friend was home and when he saw she wasn’t he decided to go and pet their dog through the fence. Well the dog bit him. It wasn’t really serious although he did need 1 stitch. I felt bad but at the same time I couldn’t help hope that he had learned a lesson from this. I am glad he isn’t seriously hurt and if he was I am sure I would feel completely different but right now I am thinking “I bet he wont do that again”. He is stubborn and always has been. I can tell him no and it will take several times of being punished before he stops whatever it is he isn’t supposed to do.

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I’m Out of Tea

My life and the lives of those around me are officially over! Good luck to those that cross my path.

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My Carpet!!!!!

I am constantly yelling at everyone for getting stuff on my carpet. This new house we have is almost entirely carpeted even one of the bathrooms. I have a carpet scrubber that is currently out of commission. So any time there is a big mess I have to pull out my Little Green Machine and don’t get me wrong it does a great job but it makes me realize how dirty the rest of the carpet is. GRRR!!!! I need to but that new part for my big carpet cleaner. Well this time it was me, I spilled my extra super large cup of tea on my floor. Let me just say that my beige carpet will never be the same again. I am no longer aloud to drink well, anywhere in my house.

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You messed with the wrong kid

My daughter has had stomach “issues” for quite awhile now. I am using the word “issues” because we aren’t exactly sure what is wrong yet. The school has a policy that only one boy or girl can use the bathroom in each class at a time to keep them from playing or bullying or whatever. Well I requested awhile back that my child be an exception to this rule due to the medical thing she has going on and they agreed. I got a phone call today saying my daughter was sick. She was in tears because the teacher refused to let her go and forced her to wait until the next class. By the time the next class came around she was in terrible pain and another teacher was concerned and sent my daughter to the nurse. I don’t think I have ever been so angry. My child is an excellent student, she does peer counseling and has never done anything to make them not trust that when she has to go she really has to and isnt off playing in the bathroom. I have always told my kids that if they really have to go are told no that they can go anyway and I will straighten it out later. I think part of the problem was that she is very shy and very obedient and doesn’t feel comfortable going against the rules so she just sits and suffers. I could just strangle that women.

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Who You’d Be Today

He would have been 34 yesterday. Most people don’t understand why I still think about him like I do. Hell, even I don’t! I know I shouldn’t. I thought about him yesterday and about how when he was 21 I bought him a birthday cake because he was on the outs with his family and wasn’t going to celebrate. I wasn’t sad yesterday, I thought maybe things were getting easier. Today, I’m sad and I can’t stop listening to Kenny Chesney. Like everyone else on earth he was dying from the moment he was born but most people aren’t told as much. He died almost 6 years ago on July 31, 2001. He had Cystic Fibrosis and lived life like he was dying but not like the Tim McGraw song. He was reckless because he thought nothing he did would ever matter. Not many people knew him, I mean who he really was. I did. I was grateful that he let me in. Because he didn’t let people in, most people thought he was a jerk including most of our mutual friends. I knew his dreams, what he thought he would have done with his life if he hadn’t known he was knocking on death’s door.

I got married a few years before he died and even though they didn’t know each other they hated each other. My husband thought he was an ass who cared about noone and he thought my husband was controling and not good enough for me. It’s funny because they were both so wrong. I didn’t see him for several years before he died and maybe that is where all my guilt comes from. I put my family first and although I don’t regret that, I think I should have visited him a few times. He was so reckless, I knew he was spiralling out of control, especially near the end and I didn’t want to watch him die that way or maybe I just didn’t want to watch him die. That is a choice I made and one I will live with until I die. I remember the day I found out he was gone. I have not been the same since. Sometimes I wish I could erase him from my life. I am the kind of person that believes that we are who we are because of our life experiences but if not for him I think I wouldn’t be so jaded and I wouldn’t question my faith so much. If not for him I wouldn’t donate money at K-Mart every time they raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. If not for him when I look at my kids I wouldn’t be so grateful they are all healthy. If not for him I wouldn’t know loss. If not for him I wouldn’t spend so much time wondering what he would be like if he hadn’t died or been dying when I met him. I guess things are the way they are for a reason and whether I like it or not he helped shape me into the person I am today and aside from a few annoying characteristics, I don’t really mind who I am. So this one is for you Chris, happy birthday and I can only hope things are better for you after death than they were during your life.

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Dorothy I need your slippers

And no matter how much I wish it to be so the following things and extreme lack of sleep do not equal a calm and relaxing day

1. Grape jelly on newly scrubbed beige carpet

2. Four children that are very unwilling to cooperate

3. Dog who insists on dragging everything he can get in his mouth outside to never be seen again

4. Digging through almost week old garbage looking for my medication that either accidentally fell in said garbage or was lost through events in #3

Now if I can only find some of those slippers that Dorothy had. I wonder if houseshoes work the same.

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My List of Things to Do Today

Things I need to do today.

1. Get lazy butt off couch

2. Get dressed

3. Go to Pharmacy

I’m sure there’s more but that’s all I remember right now (or all I’m willing to remember anyway)

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